Serv-U – Champaign is hiring for Project Specialists to travel to set-up and install convenience store fixtures for a national delivery service. Please email Mary Reale at for more information or to submit your resume.

Serv-U is a Champaign, Illinois based foodservice equipment and supply distributor. Founded as family owned business in 1993, Serv-U grew nationally in the direct mail restaurant equipment and supply channel. Serv-U first appeared online in 1998, followed by a full eCommerce website in 2000. In 2005, Serv-U expanded its contract and design build departments to service the Downstate Illinois market. Serv-U joined the Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance (SEFA) in 2007. Also in 2007, Serv-U moved into its current 65,000 sq. ft. distribution facility, followed by the opening of a cash and carry store in 2010. A second cash and carry location opened in Springfield, Illinois in the summer of 2013.

Throughout our history, Serv-U has become the largest restaurant & bar foodservice equipment and supply distributor in Downstate Illinois. Serv-U has frequently been listed as a top 100 foodservice equipment distributors in FES Magazine’s Distribution Giants. Serv-U has been recognized by SEFA several times as a member leader in growth and was inducted into the 2013 Circle of Excellence. Serv-U has a very strong reputation with the manufacturing community, supporting most of the major brands. Serv-U is also one of the top 5 furniture distributors in the United States. Serv-U celebrated mailing the 70th Serv-U catalog, which is nationally recognized by independent bars and restaurants.

Since the beginning of eCommerce, has remained a top ranked website in this growth market segment. Serv-U’s significant growth in the contract manufacturing market was solidified in 2008 by being selected as the primary foodservice equipment contractor for the University of Illinois Memorial Stadium Renovation Project. Since 2008, Serv-U has become the primary foodservice contract for most K-12 schools and universities in the Downstate Illinois market. Serv-U has also experienced growth in the local Champaign, Illinois market since opening the cash and carry store and design build departments. Expansion into our contiguous market, Springfield, Illinois, will expand Serv-U’s reach in both catch and carry as well as expand our design build opportunities. Serv-U is positioned to continue its nineteen-year history of innovation and growth in the food service equipment and supply industry.