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Cut Costs and Make Perfect Drinks with Liquor Pourers

Oct 28, 2013 8:27:25 AM

Liquor Pourer

A well-designed bar should do more than just entice your customers to sit down and drink for awhile. A thoughtfully arranged bar that utilizes bar supply items such as liquor pourers and bottle display components can be aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly it will increase profits and your bartenders' efficiency.

Liquor pourers are ideal for anyone who is concerned about increasing profits because they help to improve speed and consistency. Measured liquor pourers take the measuring out of drink making, thus allowing your bartenders to make drinks at a much faster pace. More drinks sold per night will equate to more profit to your bottom line.

Measured liquor pourers also reduce waste from spilled and over-poured beverages. They are designed to dispense a pre-determined amount of alcohol in one steady and easy pour. By maintaining the consistency of the amount of alcohol used in each drink, you can easily increase the number of drinks that can be made from each bottle of alcohol. To learn more about how you can get an average of two to four additional drinks from each bottle, read our blog on how to Stop Pouring Away Your Profits.

Liquor pourers can also be used to differentiate between rail and premium liquors. Available in a variety of colors, each color can be used to distinguish a different price tier. For example, bottles with a red spout are $5.00 liquors, a blue spout are $6.00 liquors, and so on. This color-coded pricing system can make it easier for your bartenders to ring up the correct price for each drink. Liquor Pourer

Liquor pours also form a tight seal around the bottle, thus preventing insects, dust and debris from contaminating your product. This tight seal can also help to prevent the evaporation of liquor over time. Some liquor pourers feature a built-in cover to keep contaminants out. Dust cap covers can also be purchased separately and are designed to fit over most styles of pourers to ensure that your spirits remain pure.

Other display and storage items such as liquor display steps, underbar liquor display cabinets and speed rails are also essential to increasing the efficiency and work-flow of your bartenders. Where and how you display and store your liquor bottles can greatly impact the bartenders' speed and efficiency. Below are a few tips to consider when designing the bottle placement on your bar.

  • Consult with your bartenders before you set up the alcohol on your shelves. Your bartenders have first-hand knowledge of the types and brands of sprits they serve most often. This practical knowledge will allow you to determine the most efficient placement of the alcohol bottles.
  • Organize the alcohol bottles based on your drink menu. If you have a lot of vodka drinks, this spirit should be placed close to the bartender. If you don't have any gin drinks, this spirit will not be ordered as frequently, and you can place it farther away from the bartender.
  • Use liquor display steps to organize and display your alcohol bottles. Be sure to place the most popular spirits on the most accessible shelves. It is also important to take the shape and height of the bottles into account. The bartender might knock over tall and ornate bottles while reaching for a smaller bottle. For easier access, be sure that the small bottles are in the front of the large ones.
  • Group different brands of the same spirit together to minimize the time that it takes your bartender to search for a specific brand.
  • Speed rails and underbar liquor display cabinets maximize the efficiency of the bartender's movements. If you have a busy bar, use these types of storage systems to keep the most frequently used spirits in front of the bartender. Studies have shown that establishments have increased sales when their bartenders are able to face the customers the majority of the time.

Whether you decide to employ all or just a few of these tactics to your back bar workflow, you will likely see more efficient drink production, reduced waste, and increased profits. If you are just in the beginning stages of your bar layout and would like to learn more tips on equipment and underbar unit placement, our sales representatives will be happy to guide you through that process.


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