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Norlake - Featured Manufacturer of August

Aug 12, 2013 7:10:40 AM

NorlakeNorlake has been an industry leader in designing and manufacturing refrigeration products in the foodservice industry since 1947. The Kold Locker™ walk-in refrigeration systems are well known to be one of the best value walk-ins available. Walk-in refrigerators and freezers become cost effective once your refrigeration requirements exceed three doors of reach-in refrigerated space. In addition to the Kold Locker series, Norlake has also introduced the Advantage refrigerated cabinet series for a quality product at a value price. Norlake has achieved much of its success by creating products that are readily available, easy to use and reliable for years of service.

The Kold Locker walk-ins are a complete walk-in package including the walk-in panels and refrigeration systems. Standard sized panels are pre-manufactured in Wisconsin and ship within 24 hours of purchase. Norlake also produces the refrigeration systems so they also are readily available. Norlake’s quality walk-in products have an 18 month parts and labor warranty on refrigeration and a 15 year warranty on the panels. The structure and efficiency of a walk-in starts with the panels. The panel construction includes 4 inch thick foam-in-place insulation for a strong, energy efficient wall. All panels are manufactured to be dimensionally correct and include quality cam locking fasteners for an air tight installation. The Kold Locker is the first choice of many experienced installers since the installation process is quick, easy and precise. This often saves hundreds of dollars in installation labor costs. An aluminum floor is used on all freezers, and recommended on refrigerated walk-ins. If a floor is not being used, the floor surface needs to be ground level. All Kold Locker walk-ins also include the Capsule Pak™ refrigeration system. The refrigeration system has a flush coil that keeps all the components outside the walk-in and increases your usable storage space. Refrigeration systems can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Outdoor units include a membrane roof, refrigeration hood and the refrigeration system has -20°F ambient controls. Kold Lockers can be ordered as individual refrigerators or freezers or in a combination of the two. Wine coolers are available with a 50°F refrigeration system for bulk storage. If the standard size panels do not work for your installation, or you have unusual refrigeration load requirements, Norlake also provides custom walk-ins that ship in as little as 5 days. If a walk-in is too much refrigerated space for your application, the Advantage series of refrigeration is worth considering.

Norlake Two Door Commercial RefrigeratorNorlake introduced the Advantage refrigeration series in 2008 to address the growing value priced refrigeration market. Over the last five years this line of refrigeration has expanded to include over 75 products providing solutions from the kitchen to the bar. Norlake has a strong reputation in the refrigeration industry going back to its founding in 1947. Since the launch of the Advantage series, Norlake has remained committed to providing a quality value line product that would live up to the Norlake standard of quality. They have maintained these standards by using the same engineering and quality controls on these refrigerators as they do with the refrigerators produced in the United States. The result of this dedication is warranties rate half of the industry standard. This has allowed Norlake to offer a 3 year parts and labor warranty on Advantage series refrigeration. If a problem should arise, you will receive the same warranty experience as you would expect from any Norlake manufactured product from spec series refrigerator to a large walk in refrigerator or freezer. Norlake is committed to our environment, so all of the Advantage series refrigerators and freezers meet energy star standards when energy star standards have been set. For more durability and length of service, most advantage series products feature stainless steel interiors and exteriors. Electronic controls have been added to maintain constant temperatures and provide an easier user experience. Norlake has also added addition features that are not commonly found on value priced products, like the additional fourth shelf on all reaching units.

Serv-U has proudly sold Norlake refrigeration for over 15 years. Our customers have found Norlake to be reliable and the Norlake service to be readily available in all areas of the country. Norlake shipments are well packaged and ship on time to allow our customers to meet their construction deadlines. Norlake knows the meaning of value; quality products at competitive price.


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