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Bar Maid - Featured Manufacturer of October

Oct 9, 2013 10:24:44 AM

Bar Maid

If you have experience working behind a bar you have probably used a Bar Maid glass washer. Bar Maid has been producing the five brush portable electric bar glass washer for over 50 years. Over this time, the Bar Maid brand has become synonymous with the in sink glass washer seen in most bars throughout the country. Over the last ten years, Bar Maid has added new bar related product lines while remaining committed to the "Best in the Bar" philosophy of offering better quality products.

Bar Maid Electric Glass Washers
The Bar Maid five brush glass washing system is an effective and efficient way to clean bar glassware at a fraction of the cost of an undercounter dish machine. The glass washing system cleans glassware inside and out, removes lipstick and fruit pulp, and sanitizes your glassware for exceptionally clean and clear glass. To properly clean bar glassware, you need to scrub the glass. Dish machines only use heat and water to scrub off residues and often do not complete the job. Using towels to remove the remaining residues not only wastes labor, but leaves lint particles on the glasses. This is important because properly clean glassware is more profitable than "nearly clean" glassware. Let us look at how a clean glass makes a bar more profitable.

The Importance of Clean Glassware
It is pretty obvious that customers don't want to drink from a dirty glass. Most men really don't want lip stick residue on the side of a glass, especially if their wife is meeting them at the bar later! Fruit pulp, fingerprints and cloudy glasses also will cause your customers to be concerned. If you are lucky they will want a new beverage, if you are unlucky they will leave and never come back. Another problem of dirty glassware is it is bad for beer!

Beer is a particularly finicky beverage. It hates temperature changes, causing the carbonation to foam or flatten. Beer hates water; glasses that have not been dried properly will cause flattening and taste transfer. Beer hates oil most of all; oils from protein based foods, eating utensils, some detergents or lipstick pop bubbles and kill the head. A quick indicator of dirty glassware is if the bubbles from your beer hang on to the side of the glass, then your glass has not been cleaned properly.

Try this test; pour a beer with as much foam as possible and put one drop of oil in the glass. As the foam quickly dissipates, realize that is your profit disappearing if you are using dirty glassware. The amount of foam, or head, on a beer greatly affects the profitability of draft beer sales. Using a 12 oz pilsner glass, you will pour about 165 beers out a keg with no head. Using the same glass you will pour 220 beers out of a keg with a 1" head. Even if you pour an average ½" head you will save 24 glasses of beer per keg. Now multiply 24 by $4.00 per beer and you realize a $96 saving per keg. If you average 5 kegs a week that comes to about $25,000 per year!

How the Bar Maid Glass Washer System Works
The glass washer system uses a three compartment wash – rinse - sanitize system familiar to most foodservice operations (local codes prevail). Install the Bar Maid glass washer in the first sink bowl, the wash compartment. Fill the compartment with lukewarm water to the top of the short brushes and add a non-suds liquid detergent such as LoSUDS (use the detergent dilution specifications). Fill the second compartment with clean water for the rinse cycle. The third compartment has water and a sanitizer solution added to specifications. Be sure to choose a sanitizer that is recommended for beer, meaning it will be odorless, tasteless and will not flatten beer or film glasses.

To clean glasses, turn the glass washer on, firmly hold the bottom of the glass and place the glass over the center brush (the tall one). The center brush will scrub the inside of the glass, while the four remaining brushes will scrub the exterior of the glass. After a couple of seconds, remove the glass and dip it into the second and third tanks. Allow the glass to air dry upside down on the drain board until it is ready to go back into service or placed in a glass rack for storage. It is a best practice to change out the water frequently to keep all compartments fresh and clean. Use sanitizer test strips to ensure proper concentration of chemicals. Health inspectors ultimately dictate local code requirements.

There are two types of electric glass washers available. The upright model has the brushes submerged, but the motor is out of the water. This is a great option if you have the height and faucet clearance. If you do not have the space available, the submersible unit fits completely in the sink and is designed to remain underwater during use. Using a good non-abrasive liquid detergent such as LoSUDS will extend the life of the machine; undissolved powdered detergents may cause additional wear and tear on the glass washer. Bar Maid glass washers can clean many types of glasses; additional brushes are available for specialty glassware and other hard to clean products.

In addition to electric glass washers, Bar Maid offers other cleaning products. The LoSuds detergents are formulated specifically for bar washers. This detergent will not alter your beer and is sold by the gallon. If you don't have a large volume of glassware, manual brushes are a great way to wash bar glassware. The manual brushes have a rubber suction pad to hold the brush to the bottom of the sink, while you manually scrub the glass clean. Bar Maid offers sanitizer tablets for your kitchen or bar as well as chlorine and quaternary ammonium test strips.

Other Quality Products for the Bar
Bar Maid's product offering extends beyond glass washing items into all areas of bar service. They offer two high quality commercial blenders. The 1 horsepower blender has a 21,500 RPM motor for consistently smooth results. This blender includes a 48 oz BPA-free Tritan container and a one year replacement warranty. The powerful, ice crushing 3 horsepower blender has time and speed dials and a touch pad for On, Off, pulse and infinity controls. This blender includes a 64 oz BPA-free Tritan container with funneling blades for an exceptional blend. Both blenders are priced below competitive models and are made to the "Best in Bar" Bar Maid standards.

If you are looking for profitable ideas for your bar, consider Bar Maids powerbomb cups and test tube shooter products. These premeasured shot glass containers increase your high profit well drink options, requiring less expensive liquors and commanding higher prices from your customers. These are great for weekend specials.

Fresh juices are a growing trend in the bar industry. Bar Maid offers two citrus juicers to improve your juicing productivity. The smaller 150 RMP juicer is designed for on-demand juicing for establishments that want to offer fresh juice drinks as requested by the customer. The 1800 RPM model is designed for higher output continuous juicing and has a cast aluminum housing with an attractive chrome finish. Both units are easy to clean and have three cones to accommodate most citrus fruits.

Whether you are looking to increase your profitability with sparkling glassware, blended drinks, or specialty shots, Bar Maid brand products will consistently deliver high performance and help you achieve your goals.


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