Food Prep & Storage

No matter how you chop, dice or slice it, food prep and storage is very important to the success of your restaurant. Food waste caused by improper storage can be devastatingly expensive. Serv-U has food storage containers in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to help you keep your walk-in cooler and dry storage area organized and efficient. Proper and regulated food preparation is also a major component in keeping your menu items consistently tasting the same, which can be highly valuable to your customers. They want their favorite sandwich to always taste like their favorite sandwich! Serv-U offers manual and automatic food preparation machines, scales, slicers and mixers to save you valuable prep time and yield consistent results. Above all, proper food prep and storage will help you avoid detrimental cross-contamination and health department violations. Our thermometers, food wrap stations and HAACP coded products can help you make sure your prep is sanitary and safe.